Crelio updates
Crelio updates

Track each sample with audit trails


New Feature


Introducing a new feature in our lab management product called Audit Trails aimed at enhancing auditability and traceability of patient and sample journey. With this feature, you can now track the status of each step in the workflow journey, from Patient to Bill to Sample to Report, enabling you to identify which users have acted on each step.

This feature is particularly useful for labs with huge volumes where it is challenging to track the entire workflow journey. With this new feature, you will have complete visibility into each step of the journey, including the last known location of a sample and the user who last worked on it.

By enhancing the auditability and traceability of each step in the workflow journey, you can now have confidence that every detail is accounted for, and can ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively. This new feature is a significant step towards making lab management more streamlined and accountable.

This new feature that will also enable lab technicians, doctors, and administrators to view the edit history and compare past and present values of various entities, such as patients, samples, bills, and reports. This feature addresses a key problem faced by lab users when dealing with patient data. This new feature will specifically help doctors make better decisions during report approvals. It will also enable lab users to understand the values that were updated and the changes that were made in a particular update.