Crelio updates
Crelio updates

Smooth Sample Flow with the Pending Collection Tab


New Feature


We now have a way to see pending collection samples in one place. The collection team can just mark the samples collected which can be then later received in the lab from the pending accession tab. This is done to ensure that the sample workflow is smooth and collection and receiving of samples if done by different teams is seamless. This way we don't have a sample sitting in a box waiting for its arrival to the lab. It also makes it easier to manage workflows for different jobs as they will not be dependent on each other for the samples to be processed and sent to the lab for further testing

Labs where samples are collected at different place but then are received in lab later, so for this case we have this feature which makes the flow easy and efficient for both the team collecting the sample and then receiving the samples in the lab.

The pending collection tab can be found in the accession section. You can apply the date filter to see samples pending for a particular day, you can also export the list by using the option right click-> export to excel