Crelio updates
Crelio updates

Collect samples by scanning+ More scan mode changes


New Feature


We now have a collect sample tab in scan mode, which will allow users to just collect samples after scanning. This will make it easier for users to collect samples since they won't have to go through the process of searching a sample and clicking on the "collect" button.

Also added a few more details in the scan mode like Patient DOB, National ID in details and Test name in a separate column for readability purposes. All these small details adds up to a better user experience and makes users more productive on completing a test as they can better see the details. Purpose of this when labs have different areas for collecting the sample, so would want the sample to be mark as collected in bulk

You can find this In the Pending collection and Pending accession tabs on right side of the app > Scan mode > collect samples The search box allows you to search samples via a barcode scanner gun or manually by typing in a sample name or number.

See it in action: