Crelio updates
Crelio updates

B2B Transactions Made Easy: Pay Invoices and Recharge Advances on the Go


New Feature


B2B accounts (Organisation, Collection Centres) would be able to pay invoices and recharge advances directly using mobile app. Accounts would also be able to view their transaction history in the app

This change is primarily focused to reduce the friction for B2B accounts to transact with labs in the following ways:

  1. B2B accounts would be able to view their patient operation status and finance details in one place along with transaction history

  2. Prepaid accounts would now be able to settle due bills and recharge their advance using different payment modes within the mobile app directly

  3. Postpaid accounts would be able to view and settle invoices in the mobile app

  4. With these changes accounts would be able to use UPI and other wallets to make payments natively which would ensure a seamless experience while transacting

When B2B clients login using mobile app the default page would have an option to pay dues, recharge and view past transactions

See it in action: