Crelio updates
Crelio updates

🔴 Phlebotomists Live tracking for Home collection


New Feature


We're excited to introduce our Home Collection Live Tracking feature, which allows laboratories that provide home collection services to track the location of their phlebotomists in real-time. This feature can help streamline the home collection process, improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance the patient experience.

To request access to this feature, please fill out our waitlist form . Once activated, you'll need to use the Phlebo mobile app to track your phlebotomists' trips.

You can track the live location of the lab on Home collection detail page Also see the path travelled and if the booking was completed on time for completed visits By using our Home Collection Live Tracking feature, you can ensure that your phlebotomists are on time, efficient, and professional. Fill out our waitlist form today to start using this exciting feature!

New Note.jpeg

New Note.jpeg

Generate Lab Test Estimates easily for prospects


New Feature


We are excited to announce a improved version of our Calculate Test Price that allows diagnostic labs to quickly access and get the prices of required tests. With this new feature, labs can generate and download quotations in PDF format that include detailed information about the tests, By using this, labs will also get details of their Test Description ,Test Prompt Instruction & TAT on modal itself. You will find it in our registration page by clicking on Calculate Test button.

This streamlines the process for diagnostic labs and helps them provide their customers with accurate and professional-looking test pricing information in just a few clicks.

This also eliminates the need for customers to wait for a quote, which can be a frustrating experience. With this added functionality, labs can now easily provide their customers with quotations that can be printed for future reference, improving their overall experience. Overall, It is an important addition that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of diagnostic labs. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



Org Managment: Streamline Your Workflow with Enhanced Usability and Informational Assistance


New Feature


We're excited to announce that a new version of Org Add/Edit is now available! This update includes several enhancements to make the process of creating and editing organizations more intuitive and user-friendly.

We've removed unnecessary fields and flags, and added helpful texts and information about important things so that you can make more informed decisions. With these changes, you can create and edit organizations more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

We encourage you to take advantage of these enhancements to streamline your workflow and make the most of your organization management experience.

We hope you find these improvements helpful and look forward to continuing to improve our product to better serve your needs.

Simplify Antibiotic Sensitivity Analysis


New Feature


Introducing the New Micro/Molecular Testing Module in Creliohealth - Revolutionizing the Way Labs Analyze Microorganisms and Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns! We are proud to announce the release of our latest module, which allows labs to add multiple microorganisms at runtime, simplifying the reporting process. With pre-configured antibiotic panels and RIS ranges, lab technicians can save time and focus on other critical tasks. Our robust reporting system analyzes sensitivity patterns and identifies the most effective treatments for patients, improving overall outcomes. Custom reports can be generated and shared with healthcare providers in real-time, ensuring timely and accurate patient care. Our comprehensive library of antibiotics and drug resistance pattern analysis can be customized based on each lab's unique needs, providing flexibility and convenience. Get ready to revolutionize your lab's workflow with Creliohealth!

See it in Action:

Stripe POS integration Automate Billing and Finance


Software Enhancements


US Region


By integrating the Pos billing software, we can avoid manual entries of the amount and other details at billing. This aligns user information and billing details well and eliminates the chances of potential errors throughout the process.

Pos integration can also ensure error-free transactions by automated billing systems including invoicing, payment collection, and accounting tasks. This can help reduce administrative burdens, eliminate human errors, and improve overall efficiency.

With integrated swipe machines, your transactions are automatically logged. Adding to the advantages of pos systems, it gives you a simplified means to easily verify hundreds of transactions. By month-end, you can save the overheads of reconciling such a huge list of transactions.

On the billing screen, select ‘Payment Mode — Swipe Machine.’ Click on initiate payment.

Phlebo App Upgrades: Streamlined Bookings updates, and More


New Feature


**1. Make bookings without Tests: **

Now you can just book home collection without any test and rest can be handled onsite -including test booking, payment collection and sample collection directly from the app!


**2. Book Multiple Patients in a visit: **

No more separate visits for each patient! You can now book multiple related patients in a single visit. You can just add the subsequent patients as relative. A comment indicating the related booking, bill ID, and patient information will be added to the bill. Edit Patient Information: Update patient information quickly and easily right from the Phlebo app. Removing unnecessary steps and manual process to update patients


**3. Book New Home Collections: **

Phlebo's can now book new home collection requests with just a few taps directly from the Phlebo app. Register patients, bill them, and select a time slot – it's that simple!


See it in Action

Categorise Packages and Tests on the CrelioHealth Store


New Feature


We are bringing the following features to help you categorize your online store easily and conveniently.

Allow patients to browse products by category when booking from the store. Offer sorting options for patients, including price (high to low, low to high), alphabetical order, and a custom sorting list that can be set by you. Lab Side:

Create, add, and manage new categories (e.g. Heart Care, For Women) from store settings. Add tests/packages to your categories. Edit or delete existing categories. Enable or disable sorting options for patients, including a custom featured sort. Offer two cart options: adding multiple tests/packages with quantity selection or booking one test/package at a time

To Use this option go to CRM-> Store



Track each sample with audit trails


New Feature


Introducing a new feature in our lab management product called Audit Trails aimed at enhancing auditability and traceability of patient and sample journey. With this feature, you can now track the status of each step in the workflow journey, from Patient to Bill to Sample to Report, enabling you to identify which users have acted on each step.

This feature is particularly useful for labs with huge volumes where it is challenging to track the entire workflow journey. With this new feature, you will have complete visibility into each step of the journey, including the last known location of a sample and the user who last worked on it.

By enhancing the auditability and traceability of each step in the workflow journey, you can now have confidence that every detail is accounted for, and can ensure that your team is working efficiently and effectively. This new feature is a significant step towards making lab management more streamlined and accountable.

This new feature that will also enable lab technicians, doctors, and administrators to view the edit history and compare past and present values of various entities, such as patients, samples, bills, and reports. This feature addresses a key problem faced by lab users when dealing with patient data. This new feature will specifically help doctors make better decisions during report approvals. It will also enable lab users to understand the values that were updated and the changes that were made in a particular update.



Scan samples to create Batch


New Feature


Releasing a new feature in our batch management section - Scan mode in batches! With this feature, users now have the ability to scan samples using a barcode scanner and add them to a batch in the batch creation modal. This feature will not impact the current search functionality in the modal and will be seamlessly integrated with the existing workflow.

Key Features:

  1. Users can now use a barcode scanner to scan samples and add them to a batch in the batch creation modal

  2. When a sample is searched in scan mode, it is added to the batch directly, eliminating the need to manually select the samples for the batch

  3. We hope that this new feature will provide a more efficient and streamlined experience for our users in the batch creation process.


B2B Transactions Made Easy: Pay Invoices and Recharge Advances on the Go


New Feature


B2B accounts (Organisation, Collection Centres) would be able to pay invoices and recharge advances directly using mobile app. Accounts would also be able to view their transaction history in the app

This change is primarily focused to reduce the friction for B2B accounts to transact with labs in the following ways:

  1. B2B accounts would be able to view their patient operation status and finance details in one place along with transaction history

  2. Prepaid accounts would now be able to settle due bills and recharge their advance using different payment modes within the mobile app directly

  3. Postpaid accounts would be able to view and settle invoices in the mobile app

  4. With these changes accounts would be able to use UPI and other wallets to make payments natively which would ensure a seamless experience while transacting

When B2B clients login using mobile app the default page would have an option to pay dues, recharge and view past transactions

See it in action: