Crelio updates
Crelio updates

B2B Transactions Made Easy: Pay Invoices and Recharge Advances on the Go


New Feature


B2B accounts (Organisation, Collection Centres) would be able to pay invoices and recharge advances directly using mobile app. Accounts would also be able to view their transaction history in the app

This change is primarily focused to reduce the friction for B2B accounts to transact with labs in the following ways:

  1. B2B accounts would be able to view their patient operation status and finance details in one place along with transaction history

  2. Prepaid accounts would now be able to settle due bills and recharge their advance using different payment modes within the mobile app directly

  3. Postpaid accounts would be able to view and settle invoices in the mobile app

  4. With these changes accounts would be able to use UPI and other wallets to make payments natively which would ensure a seamless experience while transacting

When B2B clients login using mobile app the default page would have an option to pay dues, recharge and view past transactions

See it in action:

Smart Assignment Dropdown for Phlebos


New Feature


We are excited to announce the launch of our newest feature - the Smart Assignment Dropdown for Phlebos. This option allows labs to easily assign visits to the right phlebo, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care.

One of the key features of this new dropdown is its ability to show if a booking is within the serviced area or not, and if the booking slot is within the phlebo's working hours. This ensures that patients receive care from a phlebo who is able to visit them in their area and at a time that is convenient for both the patient and the phlebo.

Additionally, the Smart Assignment Dropdown for Phlebos also shows how many bookings for the day the phlebo already has. This allows labs to divide the work optimally and ensure that no one phlebo is overworked.

We believe that this feature will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of labs, leading to better outcomes for patients. You can find this option in CRM-> Home collections-> Home collection details page


Smooth Sample Flow with the Pending Collection Tab


New Feature


We now have a way to see pending collection samples in one place. The collection team can just mark the samples collected which can be then later received in the lab from the pending accession tab. This is done to ensure that the sample workflow is smooth and collection and receiving of samples if done by different teams is seamless. This way we don't have a sample sitting in a box waiting for its arrival to the lab. It also makes it easier to manage workflows for different jobs as they will not be dependent on each other for the samples to be processed and sent to the lab for further testing

Labs where samples are collected at different place but then are received in lab later, so for this case we have this feature which makes the flow easy and efficient for both the team collecting the sample and then receiving the samples in the lab.

The pending collection tab can be found in the accession section. You can apply the date filter to see samples pending for a particular day, you can also export the list by using the option right click-> export to excel


Streamline Sample management with Department wise accession


New Feature


We now have setting in accession settings which will enable department wise accession for the lab With this user can only see the departments which are assigned to him It enables Lab managers to control users access according to his department. With this user will only see his/her data and he can not see other department data or reports until and unless admin allows so

If your lab has different accession areas for each department this will be very helpful to implement that. User's can easily access the samples which are assigned to them. This will help them to get their work done quickly without delaying other people work whom share the same sample but from a different area. Also saves lots of efforts for the people to manage their work as per their assigned responsibilities.

This setting can be enabled from accession settings, once enabled each user can only view, collect and receive the samples from the department where he is assigned.

Once the setting is enabled only users who have access to department can receive sample for that department



Simplify Multi-location Booking with Branches in CRM


New Feature


We now have support for Branches in CRM so that patients can select the branch while booking an appointment or home collection or kiosk mode. Branches allow labs to setup multiple self-owned branches without creating multiple centres. We support for it in CRM bookings where patient can select the branch they want to go to. The branch would be setup by an admin in the backend but it should be visible to the customer also when they select the branch for the appointment/ home collection/ kiosk mode. It will display all the locations available based on the branch selection made by the patient.

Previuosly, We had a functional solution for selecting a centre and book appointments based on selection of the centre. This functionality does not take into account the option of selecting a branch for each patient who wants to book an appointment. So we have rolled out a new functionality wherein we have support for Branches in CRM so that the patients can select the branch while booking an appointment or home collection or kiosk mode.

To set this up you can go to the locations tab for Promotions or the Store configuration. Select the Branch and locations under it, by design it made so that you can select a multi branch setup or multi centre setup (based on type of config you have for your lab)

Once branches and locations are setup- you can then publish the link as it is→ This will allow patients to select the Branch themselves (this is ideal for pre-booking scenarios where you are getting bookings online Or you can have branches pre-filled link → Branch already selected for the patient, this is ideal for when the patient is booking himself via QR code when he is visiting the lab



Multicentre management simplified with Branches


New Feature


Managing a multi-centre environment with multiple master lab set up is hard to manage as each lab requires different configurations and settings as per their requirement and these master labs need to be maintained separately for each location individually which is both time-consuming and resource intensive. This leads to operational inefficiencies as well as an increased possibility of errors in data input resulting in a high rate of rejected test results as results are having to be manually entered in each lab which can be a burden on staff


Branch management allows branch admins to centrally manage all location's administrative and finance tasks thus reducing the need of maintaining a separate masters for every branch hence making the process easier and less time-consuming.

To know more about branches:

Manage home collection bookings, Get visit info, Collect samples and Payments wth the New Phlebo app


New Feature

  • See all the bookings assigned to you and mark them as complete right from the app
  • Open navigation with just one click to help you locate the patient's address easily
  • Mark the samples collected directly from the app with support for pre-printed barcodes as well
  • Collect the payments with the ability to capture payment proof
  • See the sample to be submitted to the lab with the click of a button with direct integration with the lab system

App link:

Patient order management via the CRM


New Feature


Order management allows labs to process orders weather from patient directly from CRM or booked manually or even from any EHR directly in one place. Manage samples and even update order directly from the order page itself. When the patient visits the lab for sample collection, they place an order directly in CRM. The order is updated in the Lab web portal and the reports can be sent automatically from the dashboard of the lab portal. If the patient visits a primary care physician and obtains the prescription for the test which is collected in another lab the prescription will be updated in CRM and can be used to punch in or modify the order when the patient goes to the lab.

The system can be integrated with other EHR systems as well so that if a doctor fills out a prescription form for a test in the EHR it automatically gets updated in the CRM.

Before release of order management, a lab needed to track and manage all communication related to a particular order including emails, calls, visit notes and more

It was difficult to manage all orders in one place because all the data was collected in different places. With the release of order management, all our data can be centralized in a single place.

This can be found in the CRM under Order management section

Here you can see any type of booking be it Appointment/ Home collection/ Self registration/ bookings done manually or orders received via integration from another system. They can also see the orders pending and update the status of the order directly from the order page itself. The status of all the orders and the reasons for cancellation or rejection can also be viewed from here. They can add new items or delete items from the order if needed. For manual orders, they can add details of the collection and send the notes to the patient and other required parties.



See How it works:

Collect samples by scanning+ More scan mode changes


New Feature


We now have a collect sample tab in scan mode, which will allow users to just collect samples after scanning. This will make it easier for users to collect samples since they won't have to go through the process of searching a sample and clicking on the "collect" button.

Also added a few more details in the scan mode like Patient DOB, National ID in details and Test name in a separate column for readability purposes. All these small details adds up to a better user experience and makes users more productive on completing a test as they can better see the details. Purpose of this when labs have different areas for collecting the sample, so would want the sample to be mark as collected in bulk

You can find this In the Pending collection and Pending accession tabs on right side of the app > Scan mode > collect samples The search box allows you to search samples via a barcode scanner gun or manually by typing in a sample name or number.

See it in action:

CrelioHealth For Doctors app to make lab management easier than ever [App Update]


New Feature


We have introduced a major update in the CrelioHealth For Doctors app to make lab management easier than ever, for everyone. There are significant updates made to the laboratory app to enable each staff role to manage their daily workload with unmatched flexibility, convenience, and ease.

Find CrelioHealth For Doctors on the Play Store here

Find CrelioHealth For Doctors on the Apple Store here


Here’s what we launched for you in our laboratory app

Complete registration through the mobile app

You can register patients on-premise, or at home collection completely from the mobile app. Registration & billing is quite handy when the entire registration form is available now, with the new app update.

Upload key documents with ease

The app enables you to easily upload digital TRFs, IDs, Insurance papers, and any other key documents.

ICD code support Searching and adding test details is easier than ever with ICD code support.

Access samples directly through the app Acknowledging samples from anywhere, anytime without dependency on any system is possible now.